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I are unseen64 Staff yo'

and a Forum MOD

Uh....What is today?

Well,as the days slowly creep by,I only get more demented :P

Ps: Current Projects Update!!!!

10-29-08:Lotz O' wurdz

Well,it's almost halloween and I have been working on lots of stuff so let me explain:

Im woring on the SM64 MOD,the Rocketman Game,some script-writing for stuff(a maybe thing)

and im working out a plan for the "big twist" to the SM64 MOD. Its almost Halloween and I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks wirth school and work and traveling to places and just LOADZ of crap soooooo,I dont know.........Hey,do you guys think it would be more good for the website if I moved to freewebs? Im serious, I know that EVERYONE goes there for web-making and stuff but I went to my friends website and was just fascinated about how much you could do and how little they put their web-adds on his page! So just tell me what you think I should do for the best (whatever gets you guys goin'). IF you guys think I SHOULD switch to freewebs then you would benifit from:being able to comment,rate,play flash ON SCREENAnd other cool things so yeah........Tell meh :P

Should I switch to Freewebs.com?

10-05-08:Did a little logo animation :D



Link isnt supposed to be adult here and he has an invisible sheild lol!

9-27-08:Finally I get to use the computer I was grounded from!

Wow,this MOD is probably going to be downloaded a lot when its done :D

9-21-08: Current Projects Page Fixed! :D

9-20-08:Watch Out!!!

Due to todays update the "Current Projects Page" is going rather slow >:(

Note:There is nothing I can do.

9-01-08:Check out this PREVIEW


Alright,It took a few days but its done,My sites redesign!

Its still got some stuff to fix but im workin' on it! Til' then, Enjoy!


8-24-08:Madness Day! September 22nd

OMG!!!!! Madness Day Is going to bring LOTS!!! Of amazing things to newgrounds and something HERE.

So heres just something I made BESIDES what im already working on.

Uh....I dont know what today is.

Anyways, Come here!


The Madness Combat 9 Preview Is OUT!!!!

I was on the internet and found one of the best animated series....This is my favorite so far.

Jus' So youd' know.....

You should check out the current projects page. I may not update it a lot, but I will every week or two if production goes by smoothly


I did it again!


I gots bored an' I animated!

Interested in FREE STUFF?

Like Laptops And Iphones!

(Sue Me If Im Lying)


Right now all my animation files went corrupt so I either have to re-draw, Wich I dont feel like doing OR.....I'll Get krunchy to get it on his flash drive because Email always corrupts the fla files.


I have some bad news, First Krunchy's dad is selling his computer sooooo the animation is going to be postpowned.BUT.....If my mom is in a good mood when I catch her then I can ask her to let me install Macromedia on her computer untill I get my own.
But dont get your hopes up.

8-04-08:Hay Strangers!

I Got this fron krunchy a few weeks ago but then forgot about it.Heres an update on Bens design!

7-28-08:I like colorzing

Never mind I figured out my password and stuff so heres the now 1 daylate update! I will be using this Character in my upcoming animation.

I kinda feel bad about bitching out my webhosts now but I hope they get over it because I sure will.

7-23-08:The Art Of Boredom

I was bored and this seemed like something to do

7-22-08:Does this REALY need a title?

Okay An Update Finaly!

I was a little bored lately and i just started playing around with the v-cam that i recently downloaded for macromedia so if you would  click on the animations page and download it and watch.

To all of those who have sent registration forms but arent on the registered people and bios page i extemely apologize but the link directory didnt send them right and so i havent got any of them so if you would be so kind as to re-send them that would be fan-fucking-tastic!


Any Problems? Visit the contact page here at http://8pmzone.weebly.com/contact.html 

Its All Here!! Animations,Podcasts,Pics And A Ton More......